Do Not Disturb: enjoy consierge service in an à la russe interior at this bar in Moscow

Petrovka street in Moscow now hosts a bar described “like a bar at a hotel but without a hotel.” Real hotel consierges work at the bar, and you can turn to them with any request, be it order a ticket, rent a car or book a room anywhere in the world.

You will be offered a short menu that will remind you of room service with trendy snacks and some unique cocktails. The bar occupies two floors in a building, one with a consierge service and the other with tables and drinks – as well as an amber-colored bar counter, satirical glass paintings and fretted window surrounds. It’s all about the à la russe style reflecting Russia-related clichés.

There’s even a hair dryer and a robe with slippers in the bathroom! Do Not Disturb bar (the images are taken from its page on Sidr Group’s website) is just a stone’s throw from Marriott Royal Aurora, 20/1 Petrovka street.

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg, you can find a bar that will remind you of Dick’s Last Resort: its waiters are… well, moderately aggressive with the guests. Type “12, Ulitsa Vosstaniya” in Google Maps to get directions, and see about rouble banknotes because it is also a new place and they have not yet adjusted their POS terminals.