Sleeping in that car: Russians use car sharing to have sex, take drugs, and just drive anonymously

Russians like car sharing. One reason why they like this service is its affordability. It is cheaper to rent a car for an hour or two than a room at worst hotels, so Russians often use the shared vehicles just to have sex. But car sharing can also be used by people you wouldn’t call innocent.

As Izvestia learned from law enforcement officials, drug addicts like to rent cars for joint activities – as well as those making stashes for them. To drive a rental car, you can use another person’s account – its price in the dark web starts from 500 rubles.

So, not only one who doesn’t have a license or has it revoked may get to the wheel thanks to this gizmo. Even robbers can do their job with greater ease – they don’t have to be car thieves anymore when they want to commit a crime on someone else’s car, they could just use car sharing anonymously.

Russian drivers already know they must be careful when seeing a vehicle with a car sharing logo on the road. You should also know that.

The photograph above depicts a road somewhere not far away from Moscow; I’m thankful to Max Titov for it.