Your dear Petra: visit this underwear boutique with a highly sophisticated interior

Moscow lingerie brand Petra now has one more boutique in Moscow; it’s not in the old center like their first shop in Patriarch Ponds, but also in an upscale location – its home is Oceania Mall in Kutuzovsky avenue.

The unusual interior of this place was designed by Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios. It is inspired by European modernist architecture of the XIX century, such as Gio Ponti’s works, as well as traditional Japanese motifs.

The brand’s owner Veronika Han notes that through design the creators wanted to “artistically transform the process of choosing, fitting and buying” lingerie.

The photos in this post come from Petra’s press service.

By the way, if you’re in St. Petersburg, that city has a Petra boutique on its map, too – inside the very central, high-profile Au Pont Rouge department store.